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Eau de parfum for Women and Men – V CANTO - 100ml - STRAMONIO - Paolo Terenzi

The essence of seduction in a drop of fatal perfume.


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Eau de parfum for Women and Men –STRAMONIO - 100ml - V CANTO -

Paolo Terenzi


JIMSON was widely used by the Aztecs, it is an aphrodisiac hallucinogenic plant with supernatural virtues. It was skillfully used by lovers to experience infinite pleasure and delight hearts. Lucretia was well aware of the magical properties of Jimson, which she used to seduce her victims. They ended up trapped in an irresistible and deadly embrace.

In the lead, a bouquet of flowers with heady and hypnotic power. The reassuring seduction of jasmine undulates in a love dance with the carnation and the delicate and noble touch of orchid and saffron. Then the heart of the perfume reveals its penetrating and sharp force, Ambergris is softened by Vanilla and Pink Musk. This creation is rooted in the strength of precious woods, red patchouli and African ebony, and in the finesse of oak moss and aphrodisiac musk.

The essence of seduction in a drop of fatal perfume.

Olfactory notes

Top note: Jasmine, Carnation, Saffron, Orchid

Heart note: Ambergris, Rose, Vanilla

Base note: Oakmoss, musk, ebene wood, patchouli

Specific references

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