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Perfume Mist RP - Amber...
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Perfume Mist RP - Amber Blush - 250ml

Price €8.90

Scented Mist for Women – AMBER BLUSH - 250ml - RP

Character: a mist with the scent of flowers and ripe fruit that asserts itself in nuance.

Style: very addictive thanks to its hint of vanilla and musk that orientalizes its fruity notes.

Perfume Mists RP - Candy...
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Perfume Mists RP - Candy Love - 250ml

Price €8.90

Scented Mist – CANDY LOVE - 250ml - RP

Character: a delicately sweet and fruity mist where Parisian chic is close to the far east.

Style: irresistible sensuality like his heart of rose accompanied by Oud and incense.

Perfume Mists RP - Cherry...
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Perfume Mists RP - Cherry Blossom - 250ml

Price €8.90

Scented mist – CHERRY BLOSSOM - 250ml - RP

Character: an energizing and primal mist evoking the blossoming of nature in spring

Style: full of a sparkling freshness for these green and dapper notes and for its floral side.

Perfume mist RP - Coco Sun...
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Perfume mist RP - Coco Sun - 250ml

Price €8.90

Scented Mist – COCO SUN - 250ml - RP

Character: a mist that blows a gentle paradise beach wind in your hair.

Style: a fragrance of relaxation and summer serenity to wear in any season.

Perfume mist RP - Mango's -...
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Perfume mist RP - Mango's - 250ml

Price €8.90

Scented mist – MANGO'S - 250ml - RP

Character: a mist with two faces with a very acidulous back and a very opulent front.

Style: a strong character that does not lack lightness in short all in contrast